A short BIOE introduction

9. May 2010

The Basic Input Output Elements (BIOE) system is an open-hardware platform to bridge the gulf between open-source CACSD systems like Scilab and the physical plant. It is intended for engineers, students, hobbyists, and anyone interested in automation and mechatronic.

A laboratory experiment with the target to stabilize the upper equilibrium of the pendulum by a adequate control of the car.

BIOE consists of a easly-to-use do-it-yourself hardware with a simple design and a bundle of software components. The mikrocontroller based elements provide a flexible interface to operate with digital and analog signals, incremental encoders, PWM signals, PPM signals for RC servos, I2C and SPI interfaces, etc. These elements are interconnected with a parallel bus to the parallel printer port (LPT) of a PC as illustrated at the right. Read More ...

All schematics of the hardware and the source code for the mikrocontroller and the computer (LINUX and WIN32) can be found at the download section and the gallery presents pictures and videos of the bioe system.

Call for contributions

24. February 2010
Contributions like BIOE hardware extensions, experimental setups, tutorials and reports are welcome.

The BIOE project is now published under the Creative Commons GNU General Public License 2.0 for the source code and Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License for the documentation, schematics, layouts and pictures regarding this project.

In return for using this project for you work we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to contribute this project with reports, tutorials, applications and extensions. For more details about the way to contribute and the license of the project read the license.txt.


05. May 2011: Scicos Serial Interface Block for Arduino-UNO and other devices available. More details...

06. Jan. 2011: 3D Animation within RTXML Web Based Monitoring System realized. More details...

An example where the measured angle of a potentiometer animates a 3D pendulum. For the 3D animation the JavaScript library three.js was used.

27. Dec. 2011: RTXML Web Based Monitoring System for Scicos(Lab) and RT_PREEMPT.

Screenshot of an example web interface.

26. Okt. 2011: BIOE-Paper at the 13th Real-Time Linux Workshop in Prague.

RTLWS13 Paper

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